10 Must-See Places on Rodrigues Island

10 Must-See Places on Rodrigues Island

Rodrigues Island depends on the Republic of Mauritius and is the smallest of the Mascarenes Islands. The island is 108 square kilometers and about 560 kilometers from the east coast of Mauritius. It is surrounded by the largest lagoon in the Indian Ocean, up to 13 km wide and 240 kilometers square. The island offers a range of places to visit and activities to discover. Here is your TOP 10 Must-See places guide when visiting the island.

No. 1 –Anse Bouteille

Anse Bouteille is a small stunning beach around a 45-minute walk from Tekoma Boutik Hotel. Situated on the east coast of Rodrigues, this volcanic rock formation is a peaceful and isolated place to visit, with a soft and sandy beach. It is an escape from the modern world, almost unreal!

No. 2 – Limon Mountain

Limon Mountain, or Mont Limon, is Rodrigues Island’s highest peak (398 meters). Mont Limon is situated between Mont Lubin and Grande Montagne. From the top of the mountain, a panoramic view of the island. Limon Mountain is a must-see viewpoint while visiting Rodrigues Island.

No. 3 – Francois Leguat Nature Reserve

François Leguat Nature Reserve is a giant tortoise and cave reserve situated at Anse Quitor near Plaine Corail. François Leguat’s team works hard for the conservation of Rodrigues Island’s endemic species. As of now, 2000 tortoises live on the premises. The reserve is open 7/7 from 09:00-17:00, and the guided tour hours are as follows: 09:30-10:30 & 13:30-14:30.

No. 4 – Scenic Routes

The routes to the south of Rodrigues, especially the “52 contours” (meaning the 52 turns), offer splendid views over the vast lagoon and the islets surrounding Rodrigues. Driving on these roads is a must, and remember to plan a road trip day during your visit to the island.

No. 5 – Ile aux Cocos

Ile aux Cocos is situated at 4 km on the west coast of Rodrigues Island. This secluded island is well-known as a bird sanctuary with an estimated 4000 birds that can be seen daily. Visitors can reach Ile aux Cocos by sailing from Pointe Diable.

No. 6 – Port Mathurin Market

The Port Mathurin market is one of the busiest places on Rodrigues Island. Port Mathurin is the country’s capital, where all Rodriguans meet up for their weekly grocery shopping. Rodrigues is a small island; everybody knows each other. Also known as the “Bazar,” Port Mathurin is where local artisans expose their handmade crafts and sell them to visitors. The famous “Ti Pot Rodrigues” is a delicacy prepared by the Rodriguan families. A few meters away are a fish and meat market and a fruits and vegetable market.

No. 7  – Mourouk Beach

Mourouk beach is well-known as a kitesurfing spot. A kitesurfing paradise to attend if you are passionate about extreme sports or other water sports activities. In the picture below, Louka Pitot, the Mauritian-French World Kitesurfing champion, is the brand ambassador of PLAY mourouk.

No. 8 – St.Gabriel Cathedral

Despite being a small island, Rodrigues has one of the largest cathedrals in the Indian Ocean. St. Gabriel Cathedral was entirely constructed by the parishioners, with rocks collected from around the island between 1936 and 1939. The Rodriguan community has contributed to making St. Gabriel church an iconic landmark on the island today.

No. 9 – Miel Victoria

Situated at Bigarade in the centre of the island, discover the beehives and other honey products that are 100% natural and locally made. Taste the honey of Rodrigues which is renowned for its high quality. The opening hours of Miel Victoria are as follows: Monday to Friday from 09.00 a.m to 3.00 p.m and on Saturday from 10.00 a.m to 12.00 p.m.

No. 10 – Ile aux Chats

Île aux Chats, meaning Cat Island in English, is a small and remote island on the south coast of Rodrigues. This place is known for its gorgeous snorkelling and diving spots. After a kitesurfing session, you can have a picnic and sunbathe on this deserted island.

Discover Rodrigues Island’s famous places reflecting the unique local art of living. This 10 Must-See Places on Rodrigues Island guide presents all the information you may need during your visit.

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