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Lost in the Indian Ocean, some 650 km east of Mauritius, the small volcanic island of Rodrigues is the home to 38 000 islanders. The 108 km2 island (18 km x 8 km) is surrounded by 90 km of coral reef which protects a shallow lagoon, featuring countless shades of blue and emerald. Spread over more than 200 km2, the lagoon hosts 18 islets, of which Hermitage Island and Coco Island are the most popular...

Practical information

Location Indian Ocean, 650 km north-east of Mauritius
Area 108 km²
Climate Tropical, 28 to 35° C in summer (October to May) and 18 to 27° C in winter (June to September)
Chief town Port Mathurin
Population Around 38 000 inhabitants
Status Part of the Republic of Mauritius, with local self-government
Official language English
Spoken languages Creole, French and English
Time zone UT +4
How to get there From Mauritius, 1 and ½ hours by air & 36 hours by sea
Passport / visa Foreigners : passport valid 6 months after departure date and return ticket
Mauritian nationals : passport or national identity card
Visa not required for most foreign nationals
Vaccination None required
Currency Mauritian rupee (MUR)
Power supply 220 volts / 60 Hz