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Getting to the heart of an undiscovered underwater world...

Jacky, our diving aficionado, offers you a warm welcome, and invites you to discover the hidden treasures of the island of Rodrigues, away from the prying eyes of the crowds. He believes in sharing his passion of our rich and valuable underwater world.

This one of a kind Dive Centre, caters for all levels of divers, from the highly experienced diver, certified level 1 and level 2 divers and even beginner divers. We encourage our divers to explore new sites and in case they discover previously undiscovered marine life, we offer the honour of naming it! Jacky’s Dive Centre truly promises an intense and powerful diving experience !

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, there is a wide range of potential spots offered to you, ranging between 1 and 31 m deep. We recommend the months of October through to May as the perfect time to explore our wonderful dive destination.

There is true underwater richness in Rodrigues, characterised by the diversity of fish, majestic coral reefs that have been created through centuries of growth, marine life and storms and of course the caves and arches that have been formed by the tidal currents. All of this helps to host an impressive array of ocean wildlife making it a real reward for any diver!

A realm of untouched beauty and a dedicated team are the key ingredients to the success of your stay at Tekoma. Take a look at our offers and do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss them further!

Useful info:
To benefit from the social security liability of MSDA, the diver is obligated to sign an agreement with the MSDA, completed on site. It is valid in all MSDA Dive Centres for a period of 2 months.